Thursday, January 20, 2011

Best Scotch for the Beginner

Lately, many readers have been asking me on what scotch would I recommend to a person who is exploring scotch for the first time.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I believe that scotch is an acquired taste.  While the bold and peaty (smoky) flavors of an Islay (for a read up on the various scotch-producing region and their different tastes, click here) scotch such as Laphroaig may interest a seasoned scotch drinker, it may quite simply be too overwhelming for the newcomer.  "Best" is subjective, but I believe a good starter bottle should be high on the ease of drinkability, while still maintaining an interesting flavor profile, all at an affordable entry-level price. 

The scotch that I whole-heartedly recommend to a newcomer is:

The Glenlivet 12 Years. 

The Glenlivet 12 is a single malt scotch from the Speyside region.  While it may not boast some of the complex flavors certain scotch have, it is the consistent and easy-drinking taste that makes The Glenlivet so appealing, giving them the honor of being the best selling single-malt whisky in the United States, as well as the world's second best selling single malt whisky. 

The maturing process takes place in oak casks made from American oak that once contained bourbon, hence giving the scotch a delicious oak and vanilla flavor.  For what it is worth, the Glenlivet 12 is the scotch that Tony Soprano regularly drinks in the show.

The Glenlivet 12 was not my first bottle of scotch (Johnnie Walker Black Label was my first), but it was the bottle that intrigued me enough to explore, and eventually discover my passion for scotch.  Overall, a very pleasing single malt.  The Glenlivet is widely available, and price is very reasonable (approx. $20 - $30ish for a 750ml bottle).


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  2. That is a good recommendation for someone to get their taste buds acclimated to the joy to drinking a scotch.

  3. Another good one, I'll try it next time.

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  4. i swear this tastes like dr. pepper

  5. Thanks for this read...goign to try when i'm 21.

    Check out my blog.....Follow/Comment, thanks!

  6. sorry brah il get back at you reps if i dont

  7. No more alcoholic drinks for me for a while. CUTTING FTL.

  8. I;m going to turn 21 on Feb 1st....might have to try this out :)

  9. i'm not 21 just yet but... i think i'll definitely try some scotch just for you man ;)

  10. thx alot gonna try it for the weekend

  11. Nice, might have to pick up a bottle soon

  12. will have to try this out. Just started on my liquor collection.


  13. He's not a much of a drinker but I'm going to give this as a gift to a friend!

  14. Never had scotch before, so I will have to give this a try.

  15. Suck a classy blog. Always thought of scotch as a classy drink

    Stay thirsty my friends

  16. Well I've been wanting to get into scotch for a while now, so I appreciate the beginners recommendation. I'll probably pick this up this weekend.. and if i do, i'll come back and let you know my impression

  17. Good review, keep em coming :)

  18. I'll be sure to pick up a bottle.

  19. My dad has a few old ones he busts out when his old friends come over. Pretty good if i do say

  20. Glenlivit, good choice. I don't even know what to say here the you haven't.

  21. That Glenlivit looks like a great scotch, cheap and great tasting. I'll definetly go and buy it one day.

  22. I've actually never drank scotch before. I might have to give it a try.

  23. LOL I don't comment, I click ads, which nobody seems to do on mine! ;P

  24. Love a nice scotch at the end of a long day..aaahhhhh

    Cool blog now following and showing support :)


  25. I've never tried this. May have to soon if I can find it.

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  27. Sounds tasty. Haven't tried scotch yet... Might give this one a try...

  28. Too bad you can't get paid as a salesman for these guys! You do make it sound good, and I'll consider getting a bottle after work.

    I follow and support those who do likewise.

  29. I will look into said scotch, thanks

  30. how would you rate glenlivet vs macallans?

  31. i look forward to trying this one day thanks for the post!

    your friend,

  32. I was drinking Glenlivet a couple days ago. Def a good start for anyone wanting to get into scoth, or just to enjoy by anyone

  33. It ain't even too expensive! cool!

  34. What a great choice for someone starting out, I agree that scotch has some of the best and deepest flavors of any other liquor, thanks for the great post!.

    Following and Supporting

  35. this looks like it would make my tummy do backflips nstuff

  36. thanks for the recommendation. i usually stick to black label but i will definitely give this a try for a change.

  37. I wish I could drink. My liver is pretty weak.

  38. wish i could be drinking right now =((.

    sucks being sick

  39. btw, you never followed me. lol

  40. Will try this bro

  41. nice. this is what i need. thanks brah

  42. would love to know where to get a bottle for $20-30ish, never seen it close to that price.

  43. Guess it depends on the location. Just picked up my first bottle here in Virginia for $40.

  44. I think you can also try Dewar’s because it’s best for beginners, especially 12 years old Single malt whisky.

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